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Strong stories of many, many stories of the strong - happy, sad and taboo.


What can and cannot be done, what is expected, what is condemned, what is the mission in life. The principles of the life role of a woman, wife and mother in the patriarchal family, which was the basis of rural society in the past, were inculcated from childhood. A number of orders, prohibitions that did not exist in the life of a man. Both in life and in dance, perceived only as a supplement of a man.

Girls, daughters, sisters, friends, women, wives, lovers, mothers. Outwardly fragile and yet strong – ONY (THEM)!!!

A full-length performance, the main heroines of which are women. Through folk dance and music, we get to know their lives, their feelings, their sorrows, and their joys. Stereotypes that have been associated with them since time immemorial.

Is it all just a thing of the past?


Topic: Marianna Máťušová, Miroslava Sedláková Vanková, Lucia Nogová

Screenplay, Director: Lucia Nogová

Music: Michal Noga

Choreography: Katarína Babčáková, Alfred Lincke, Vladimír Michalko, Lucia Nogová

Performiers: TS Kumšt, Michal Noga Band, female singing group Hojana


The Fund for the Support of Art was supported from public sources.

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